How to License Windows Server in Azure Stack

November 29th at 11:40am
Kenny Lowe


DISCLAIMER: This post is based on my understanding, which may have gaps or inaccuracies, so as ever your mileage may vary. By all means use this post to learn about the various scenarios for licensing, but ALWAYS check with your Microsoft licensing specialist to ensure you are conforming to...

Useful Links

November 16th at 8:05pm
Kenny Lowe

Getting Started with Azure Cognitive Services in Containers

Azure Cognitive Services aren't just for the Public Cloud any more! Extend and deploy them to the edge by running services like Text Analytics or Face Analysis wherever you need to.

Azure DevOps Demo Generator

This site can pre-popula...

Azure AD Tenant Availability Checker

July 24th at 10:34am
Kenny Lowe


Check if a customer has an existing Azure AD Tenant

I deal with onboarding a lot of customers into CSP, and many of those don't understand their current Azure Active Directory usage, or even if they currently have Azure AD.

If I want to check if a customer has an associated Azure AD...

Grav on Azure - Grav Code Deployment

July 22nd at 7:42pm
Kenny Lowe

Now that the infrastructure is deployed, all that remains is the intallation and configuration of Grav itself. This is a fairly straightforward process, but there are some nuances to be aware of and some tweaks to be made for this environment.

The first thing to do is to download Grav itself. Grav...

Grav on Azure - Infrastructure Deployment

July 21st at 1:42am
Kenny Lowe

As far as I'm aware, there isn't a guide for deploying Grav into Azure App service, or for integrating it into the various PaaS elements I've chosen to make use of. Even the documentation for deploying in a Windows environment is fairly scant, so we'll be learning as we deploy here for the most part...

Grav on Azure - High Level Architecture

July 18th at 7:33pm
Kenny Lowe

Knowledge not shared is knowledge squandered.

Having made the decision to rebuild my site from the ground up in Grav, I went seeking documentation on how best to deploy it into Azure App Service. Such documentation did not exist, so I'm using the opportunity to hopefully make someone else's...