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November 16th at 8:05pm Kenny Lowe

Getting Started with Azure Cognitive Services in Containers

Azure Cognitive Services aren't just for the Public Cloud any more! Extend and deploy them to the edge by running services like Text Analytics or Face Analysis wherever you need to.

Azure DevOps Demo Generator

This site can pre-populate an Azure DevOps environment with source code, work items, and more, based on a template you choose, so you can easily demo the awesomeness available.

Design Hybrid Applications

As the intelligent cloud and intelligent edge continue to evolve, the need for defined and robust patterns for hybrid application design becomes more and more important. Luckily the AzureCAT team have released guidance just for that purpose.

Easily install and auto-renew free certificates from LetsEncrypt in IIS

LetsEncrypt is awesome, as it removes the annoyance of paying for public certificates, however you do need to build your own automation patterns around it to ensure your certificates renew when needed, which is pretty often with LetsEncrypt. CertifyTheWeb takes this pain away for you for you for any IIS website.

Azure App Service Migration Assistant

How do you move Windows or Linux Web Applications to the Azure App Service? With the Migration Service!

How to write a design document for Azure

No one likes writing design documents, right? They're very much necessary though, and this article gives good advice on how to structure one. I'd personally move the Identity piece closer to the top, but maybe that's just me :)

Configure Azure Cloud Shell to use a Profile Hosted on GitHub

Want to have your own PowerShell Profile whenever you launch Azure Cloud Shell? Fear not! Now you can!

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Kenny Lowe