Azure Advent Calendar Day 16 - Azure Stack Hub

December 16th at 11:40am Kenny Lowe


Azure Advent Calendar - Day 16

The Azure Advent Calendar is a wonderful community initiative created and driven by @Pixel_Robots and @gregor_suttie, designed to give us 25 days of fresh new community content all about Azure in the run up to Christmas. Not only that, but we don't just get one new piece of content per day, but three brand spanking new videos and blogs every single day until and including Christmas day! Amazing. There have been some fantastic videos so far, and I've learned a huge amount - hopefully you have as well!

I'm priviliged to be able to take part, and my video about Azure Stack Hub is available embedded below, or at the link beneath. The Azure hybrid ecosystem is vast, and while I give a brief overview of it, the focus here really is on Azure Stack Hub. For more information about Azure Arc, please do watch Thomas Maurer's Azure Advent Calendar video here.

I'm conscious that many of the participants and viewers of Azure Advent Calendar will be new to Azure Stack Hub, so kept this very much at a level 100 overview session, with a few Christmassy treats thrown in for good measure. I guess for me the most important thing about the whole Azure hybrid story is that it isn't a product or a feature added on to Azure, hybrid is a design point that permeates everything within in. If you'd like to know more about Azure Stack Hub, do please get in touch with me at


Or click through to the video here.

In terms of takeaways, there's only one I want you to keep in mind. Whenever you think of Azure Stack Hub and you can't see its value or its use case, just remember your old pal Rudolph, guiding Santa through the fog, taking the other reindeer to where they otherwise could not go.

Kenny Lowe